The Puppet Art of Robin Walsh


Robin has worked with

everything from Silk waves and

sock puppets for the Oscars

to movie monsters and even

the great Albrecht Roser

and Ray Harryhausen.

Her work spans the puppetry fields of

television, film and stage. She has created

large scale, puppet ballets for the

Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

(The Elements in 2014) and

Stanford University’s Lively Arts

(Stravinsky’s Firebird in 2008, and

Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet in 2009).

She created and produced

The Devil You Say in 2015 at the

Hollywood Fringe Festival, as well as

numerous small scale solo pieces for theatre.   She can be seen performing at most

Puppetzilla PuppetSlams in L.A.

For more information, please see the

“About the Artist” page.

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